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Winged friends

tirppa-320x214There is free accommodation available in Ylläksen Yöpuu. We offer free accommodation for as long as you need in a suitable sized cottage. Naturally, final cleaning and bed linen are included in the offer.

Offer is valid in the summertime for all visitors…who fly here on their own wings.

Starting from June, our own bird-TV!
For each of the cottages, you will find a birdhouse with a camera and you can explore the little bird life on your cabin TV set!

Special guests in Ylläksen Yöpuu are birds, to which Vesa has built bird houses in the trees in the yard and in the gables of the cottages. In the summer, the tree houses accommodate species such as blue tits, great tits, pied flycatchers, redstarts and goldeneyes.

Tits are happy with a small bird house, whereas goldeneyes require a house almost one metre tall. As bed linen they use sawdust, and the final cleaning is carried out around 1st of May, just before the birds migrate again.

Starting at the end of May, there are sounds of the goldeneyes’ wings everywhere when the ducks fly around the yard looking for the right bird house. Normally, the goldeneyes’ nestlings hatch and leave the bird house nefore the end of June.

We are planning to place links on this site in order to let visitors follow the bustle of the birds via web camera. This service is only available in the bird houses, not yet in the cottages…


In midsummer, the small birds are fully occupied flying insects to the newly hached nestlings in three shifts.

Under the eaves there are felt nests for swallows. Their nesting period lasts until August, depending on the summer, in a good summer they can have two sets of nestlings. At that poínt, the air space of Yöpuu is very busy.

These birds make the other visitors’ holidays better; not only by their singing but also by eating approximately 16 kg of mosquitoes in the yard. This piece of information is almost a fact, because it is an estimate given by the host, and he (among others?) believes in it strongly.

For bird enthusiasts, there are a few bird watching towers in the Ylläs area. Additionally, in Yöpuu, Rantasauna and Rantamutteri provide a good place for bird watching, and from every cottage you can follow the “mosquito rally” of goldeneyes, tits or pied flycatchers.


tirppa2-320x214After you have made a fire in one of the resting places along the ski trails and paths you will most likely get a visit from the lucky bird of Lappish lumberjacks, the siberian jay. This brave brunette is not shy, after a while it is easy to make it come and fetch a treat from your hand.