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The white beast of Yöpuu: Leia the Dog

I am “white golden retriever” Leia, born on 3th of April, 2020.

I am often there to greet the visitors. When you come to visit, I may be there to give you my paw!

I am everyone’s friend, and I get along with children very well.

If you like, you can walk me sometimes, the hosts will give you my lead and harness, I promise that I always obey you and never pull in the lead.

I get plenty of food at home, so please do not give me anything extra, otherwise I put on weight so much that I have no power to play anymore, and it’s not healthy to eat so much anyway.

Please do not invite me to your cottage, otherwise my master may get worried and I do not hear him calling me, if I am inside.

There is no need to be scared; I am a customer service dog, not a watch dog. I use the lead only when I go for a walk with someone, otherwise I just stay in the yard, and I am not interested in wandering away. Please do not call me out of the yard!

I like travelling by car and bathing in the sauna, the only thing that I like more is when somebody scratches me.

See you in Yöpuu!

Yours truly, Leia



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