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Sauna by the lake and swimming in ice

Enjoy the wonderful heat of a traditional Finnish sauna, heated by the wood. Rest by the fire place and have a refreshing dip in the ice hole, admiring the surrounding nature. If you are lucky, you may see also the Northern Lights.

You can rent our sauna (with rest room) by the Äkäslompolo lake, the capacity is for 15 persons.

Swimming in the ice hole is very good for the blood circulation and resistance.

Upon request, we can also organize you the bath towels and drinks.

Price list in winter:
The minimum reservation is 2 hours, 200 e
Additional hours 80 e/h

Price list in summer:
Of course, the sauna also heats up in the summer, the hole in the ice is a bit bigger and warmer then. And the scenery is twice as good when the fells are reflected in the water…
Minimum reservation 2 h / 140 e
Summer evening sauna 4 h / 200 e until 10:00 p.m. Gas grill available.
Summer night sauna 6 h / 200 e, starting at 9:00 p.m. Gas grill available.

Our recommendation After enjoying the sauna and washing yourself, have a quick dip in the ice hole and dress up very warmly. Of course you can visit the ice hole several times as well…