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Local safari companies offer different kind of snowmobile tours near and far. Shorter safaris are ideal for beginners and longer ones demand a more adventurous mind and physical fitness. Before every safari there will be a safety demonstration and a driving instruction.

If you are practiced and skilled you can drive the routes independently and even rent your own snowmobile. The local safari companies rent snowmobiles for you to try it out for an hour or even hire out for the whole week.

You can see the whole snow mobile track network from the Ylläs snowmobile track map which is sold in local companies or you can buy the  online Ylläs Track and Trail service  where you also get the real time maintenance information of the snow mobile tracks, skiing trails and other winter trails. By Buying these products you’ll contribute the maintenance and development of the tracks.

Please mind that Äkäslompolo lake is protected from snow mobiling and you should always stay on the marked snow mobile tracks.