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Fall colors

Ruska (Fall colors, Autumn leaf colors) stands for the incredible show of colors that happens when deciduous trees and shrubs start to prepare for the leaf fall. The decrease of light and cooler temperatures stop the photosynthesis and the chrolophyll starts to decompose, which then lets the other color pigments of the leaf to appear.

During the Fall Colors the landscape at Ylläs transforms completely as the trees, shrubs and palnts prepare for the winter and color the fells with millions of shades from red to yellow. The colors and their intensity variates from year to year depending on rain, frost and humidity.

The Fall Colors are usually at their peak in the weeks of September, but due to the fact that we are talking about a natural phenomenom, no guarantees can be given.

The Fall Color season is a popular trekking and hiking season, the temperatures are still mild, apart from occasional frost in the night time, and the mosquitos are normally gone.

The Ylläs area has a wide range of hiking trails, for beginners and for the experienced hiker as well, to get you to the best places to see the incredible spectacle of Fall Colors.